Shearing, Bending, Welding, Boring, Tapping and Drilling

Pushard Welding will take any piece of metal and manipulate it to fit your needs.  Whether you need metal sheeting cut down, welded or drilled, our team will get the job done for you.  We pride ourselves in producing quality products at reasonable prices.  Give our office a call today to discover how we can assist you in creating the products you need in order to complete your job.

Shearing and Bending

If you need a piece of metal to be created to the size or shape you need, our team can accomplish this for you.

  • Shearing – Shearing force is applied to your sheet metal causing the metal to separate into the size you require.
  • Bending – We can bend metal into a variety of shapes for you.  Either a punch or die will be used when bending the sheet metal.


If you need two pieces of metal joined together, our team of welders can do that for you.  The joint that we create will be strong and hold up to whatever you need your equipment for.  We can repair or modify most anything!

Boring, Tapping and Drilling

When you need a hole created in your metal material, our team at Pushard Welding can help you out.

  • Boring – We can create an accurate finished hole in a piece of metal according to your dimensions.
  • Tapping – Threads can be created using our metric and standard taps.
  • Drilling – A drill bit will be used in order to cut or enlarge a hole.