Medical Facilities

As a vital service to the public, hospitals provide a unique level of care to those under its stewardship. State-of-the-art foodservice facilities are an indispensable resource to the care of both patients and hospital staff. In considering the main kitchen, which is subject to providing a wide variety of meals for staff and visitors, or a meal delivery system/room service kitchen which is bound to address the dietary needs of patients, Pushard Welding is at the forefront.

In hospitals across Michigan, a rising need is for energy and labor efficient workspaces. Starting with the kitchen dish area, OSHA and NSF certification is required. Commercial sinks that are adequate in-depth, are simple to rinse, wash, and sanitize and are optimized for the space provided, all ensure sanitary working conditions. NSF standards are the industry standards for commercial applications. Proudly, Pushard Welding carries such certification and goes beyond the standards to raise the value and quality of each piece created.

Restaurants and Mobile Food Trucks

To say we are committed to earning your trust… is an understatement. Our restaurant design clients bring passion to their restaurant business. Building trust with their customers, which provides the benchmark not only for a great reputation but that of the overall success of the eatery. We get it. Completely. We desire to build your trust in us. Knowing, this trust will not be in vain.

Contributing to a unique eating experience, we offer a customized approach to each commercial project. With the support needed for a smooth transition from design to installation, we offer our brand to work along with yours. From making sure that the kitchen space is used efficiently and has simplicity, to paying the proper attention to food safety and sanitation features. We will walk through it. Let’s build something great. Feel free to consult with us today.

As a food truck venue, there are two main points of critical importance. The1st being the mobility of all NSF certified holding equipment used. As you can imagine, having a versatile kitchen that can be adjusted for cleaning and menu items in a food truck, is critical. Giving the proper attention to the equipment used for the moving and storing of food requires expert help. A keen eye. Really, overall experience. Pushard Welding is such an expert. Feel free to consult with us today!

Schools and Institutions

As a school, nourishing the mind is the highest priority. In the same company of nourishing minds is that of nourishing the body. Nourishment at schools entails a special set of expertise. Providing the highest quality of meals to several students makes the type of equipment needed unique. In addition to the types of equipment are the food prep areas. Both play potential areas of “bottle-necking”, cross-contamination, or serving issues. These and other considerations are meticulously accounted for when our team is on the project. Come see for yourself, contact us today for a no-obligation consult.

Meanwhile, carrying the capacity to store large amounts of food at the proper temperature and having efficient serving lines may simply be the beginning but, what about the budget? Across the state of Michigan, and in particular our beautiful county of Kalamazoo, a better approach to the deployment of resources has been needed. This all without sacrificing quality. Schools and Institutions continue to play an important role locally, and durability and design have never been more important. We stand poised to offer that approach to your School or Institution Commercial Kitchen project. Feel free to consult with us today.

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