Many wonder what steel fabrication is.  Well, steel fabrication is the process of cutting, bending and shaping steel alloy to create a desired product.  This process is not welding.  Welding repairs or strengthens items.  Steel fabrication takes pieces of metal and attaches them together.  This process creates a predefined shape and size.

Quality is Our Main Concern

A skilled technician who is experienced in taking natural components and converting them into a piece that a customer has requested, is vital during this procedure.  Because this process offers little room for error, Pushard Welding only employs the best fabricating team!  Our crew can create steel fabricated commercial food grade restaurant equipment along with school and university equipment.  Give us a call today to find out what custom steel fabricated project we can make for you!

The Machinist

In the steel fabrication industry, a machinist is required to gauge the original shape of the raw material.  The material may be in the form of a flat plate, pre-shaped channels, pipes or various other forms.  Therefore, a suitable progression of the fabricating may be completed using the applicable following process:

  • Heat
  • Pressure
  • Electricity

This work is hot and labor intensive.  The raw material approach for steel cutting and welding is used during most of this process.  A small portion may occur through the faster Electric Arc Furnace (AEF) method.  Both of these procedures will first melt down the metals using high temperatures.