Fabrication is a term used in the industrial industry that discusses the manipulation of such raw materials as steel and copper in order to create items like a machine or other structures.  During the fabrication process, such material as steel and copper are cut and shaped.  This process is a very “hands on” part of the manufacturing process.

Typical Projects

Pushard Welding creates typical fabricated equipment that can be found in commercial grade restaurants, schools, universities and stores.  Fabricating is essential during the beginning stages of building the structure of the equipment.  It is crucial that the different parts that go into making the final product are created in a way that produces a working system.

Skill Level

When fabricating a piece of equipment for a customer from nothing but a piece of metal, a lot of skill and planning is involved.  From proposing a plan, to bidding and being awarded the project, until its completion, there is a lot of work that our team dedicates to your project. It isn’t enough that the level of skill that we require of our team is utilized, but the project has to become a working part of the whole picture in order for our fabricators to complete your project.